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Posted on: 28 June, 2010

It has been a good 6 years…

For it is now time to be independent, to be on my own…

But why won’t you allow it? Why do you have to melt and keep on holding onto my glass oh-so tightly?

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After only a couple of trainings (read: 2), the day finally came where we needed to brave through Putrajaya’s Night Marathon.

Vomit. Diarrhea. Abdomen pain. Lol. After god-knows-how-many-years-of-not-exercising, the bf experienced a gastric-like symptoms for a whole week, just a week or so before the actual thing.

Introducing a new face in my blog. My colleague, Mior who just has the habit of wearing shirts the other way round.

My marathon kaki, Vern hard at work. It has been almost a year since Vern and I went for our first marathon. Degraded from 10km to 7.7km this year. She’s feeling rather pumped up to beat KY in this due to his exercising-after-effects.

We only had bananas and cookies for dinner since the race was scheduled at 9pm.

Luckily parking spaces were aplenty to accommodate the huge amount of people present.

Also present were the usual marathon people like Yenson, Mao, Quek and the rest. Siao lang, Yenson participated in the full marathon (42 km) run.

Before the start of marathon, we found out Vern’s unique style of swimathon (inside joke) which made us go hysterical. A very good warm-up indeed.

When the gunshot sound was heard, we spent a couple of minutes WALKING to the starting line due to the swarm of kiasu people ahead of us.

KY, who never once stopped jogging during the whole run had to follow my pathetic pace which involved a lot of walking towards the end. Yea, so imagine how slowly he needed to jog to ‘catch-up’ with me, walking. But this has also made me cut short all my walking duration due to guilt. So, hand in hand, we made it passed the finishing line in 1 hour 5 minutes woots! Got cert no medal though.

Vern definitely did not put any emonemo songs into her playlist as she managed to reach not long after, beating QUEK WEE SIONG!!! Oh gosh. I’m so proud for the both of us lol.

Followed by Mior who beat us during the training. Hardeeharhar.

KY with his snack.

RM10 fee. Two drink stations. Free flow of 100 Plus and Milo. Snack. Two fingers up!

Vern’s fav…cause she looks the thinnest here.

Oh did I tell you it’s my first time going to Putrajaya? Imma visit it again some other day because it’s so beautiful!!! Took a couple of pictures before making many many rounds trying to get out of that place.

On Friday, we had our sau-gong-fan (a dinner which symbolises the end of our working year while ushering the new lunar year…I think la) at a classy Chinese restaurant called New Palm Groove in Klang. Food was good. We had abalone, shark fin soup, scallops and all that jazz. All for only RM56 per pax. Not bad huh?

In this 10 months, I have only been on an outing with my colleagues for 3 times. This is the best by far. No pictures were taken cause I was shy to do so in front of all the older people 😛

Even with the ex-tai kohs and tai chehs around, we managed to only fill up two tables. A total of 16 of us. Chinese oh chinese where art thou?

This is my ex-boss who quit four months after I joined wtf. Sigh miss him la 😦 Working is so different after he left sobs.

Also managed to meet with another ex-manager, Chew who was so hilarious. I just love hearing funny, bitchy stories of yesteryear. This is the time I get to listen to all the office politics that happened, which I am very oblivious to.

 Sadly, have to leave early as my car was parked in Shah Alam. Hopefully someone organises an open house then we can all gather again wee.

Last night, while driving along LDP, we decided to hunt for the newly opened branch of SS2 Murni at Sunway Mas. With directions given by the dad, it did not take to long to find this…


It’s situated along Jalan PJU1/3b. Plenty of parking space available since it’s a pretty quiet area.

And for me, the best part is….




Save people a lot of hassle figuring what they served at Murni. Everything are reasonably priced.


He does not need a menu cause the oh-so-famous claypot loh shu fun is all he ever does order. I’m not a very loh shu fun person but this is the best I’ve tasted so far (imagine only trying out 3 different places wtf). They were very generous with the minced chicken. Also, there’s an additional of two prawns. Apparently, something the SS2 branch doesn’t offer. RM5 only!


My glass of mocktail called “I Love You”. A mixture of soda, lemon, ribena and longan. A bit too sweet. RM5/glass


Honeydew special medium size. Though one of my favourite fruit is honeydew, I just can’t seemed to be able to drink honeydew juice. It just doesn’t seemed right. Banana juice also cannot accept. RM5/glass


That’s the boss of Murni!


So much nicer and cleaner and more systematic (and nearer to my house) than the other branch. I foresee myself dropping by here more often 🙂

Random picture of the day:


This is how I torture Kin Yan. Not only I embarrassed him in a major shopping complex during peak time, I post this up for everyone to see. Jangan marah ya. *hearts*

Since I’ve been a lil bit tight on budget and there seems to be an endless things which I want, guess it’s time to start proritising . It would prevent myself from getting the less-important-item and then found out I have no money left for the important ones.

– camera casing
– 1 year eyebrow service at that shop in Taipan
– handphone
– car mp3 player
– BodyJam dvds
– facial service (this one damn sad…I’ve not been to facial ever since my parents stop paying for me sobs)
– 1 year subcription to Cleo magazine
– puppy

… just because it has been awhile since I last did one 🙂

So, this morning, after knowing that Mior actually ran 10km, I quickly gathered my gears and head straight to the gym’s treadmill, in preparation for Putrajaya’s Night Marathon happening on the 6th of February. Kiasu-ism kicks the fat ass.

The last time I actually ran was last April.  Totally died after only 4km. It’s ok. I still have time!

Then, the day continued with loads of Chinese New Year cookies! 7 people, 3 different types of cookies, 2 ovens and whole lots of fun all put in together.

Do you not feel the mood yo? 3 more weeks to my fav ❤ festival of the year!

Later on, went to visit the sick bf who has had diarrhea and vomiting after meals for a week already.

He is so gonna see a doctor tomorrow, by hook or by crook.

Lastly, shopped for one hour at Pyramid with the family.

Today is a happy day. Lawlmover geddit geddit!
Sometimes I miss the lameness in life 🙂

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